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Staying fit and promoting weight loss can be a big challenge for most people. Between balancing work, family and more, who has time to keep it all together? With the DailyFitnessCenter™ browser add-on, managing your fitness routine has never been easier. DailyFitnessCenter™ helps you keep track of your calories and exercise regimen, all in one convenient place.

DailyFitnessCenter™ has a built-in calorie counter that lets you find nutritional information for any portion of food and counts calories for each meal. Learn how to lose weight without the aid of a workout video. You can even calculate your Body Mass Index, or BMI, easily by entering just a few pieces of personal information.

DailyFitnessCenter™ also helps you find the right workout routine for you—and helps you stick to it! Daily motivation quotes and meal planner help you keep a healthy diet, which lends a hand in keeping you moving and staying in shape.

If you’re committed to living a healthy lifestyle, get the one tool that can help you manage it with ease. DailyFitnessCenter keeps you moving, fit & healthy!

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  • Count calories, use DailyFitnessCenter™ to find out nutritional information for any portion of food

    Find out nutritional information.

  • BMI Calculator—Determine your own Body Mass Index fast & easy

    Calculate your Body Mass Index fast.

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“DailyFitnessCenter™” 2 Reviews:

  1. Fit_Like_Flanders says: I love having a calorie calculator like this one! Now when I look up new recipes online, I can simply click the calorie calculator to see how healthy (or unhealthy) a meal is going to be before I decide if I'm going to make it or not.
  2. RobertPaulson says: I used the BMI checker. It was good to know my number, but after finding it out, I kind of wish I hadn't... I guess that's why they have the calorie calculator in there too.

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