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If you are sick and tired of paying for ebooks all the time, and you don’t have ReadingFanatic™, then you’re not taking advantage of a great resource.

ReadingFanatic™ is an all-in-one toolbar designed to provide ebook readers with the opportunity to access thousands of free titles, all in one place. Users can search on their own for titles, or even get personalized recommendations based on their reading history.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer mysteries, biographies, sci-fi, histories, or thrillers; with over 40,000 free ebook titles to choose from, there’s going to be something to suit your interests.

Not much of an ebook reader? Do you still love the feel of pages beneath your fingers when you read? If that’s the case, don’t give up on ReadingFanatic™ just yet. You can rent paperbacks or recycle old books to trade in for new ones.

Create a virtual bookshelf to help organize all the titles, then connect with friends to share what books are on your shelf, and let them recommend your next favorite book.

As if it wasn’t exciting enough having a toolbar that provides you access to 40,000+ free ebooks, ReadingFanatic™ is completely free!

So stop reading this page and start reading some great ebooks by downloading ReadingFanatic™!

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  • Unlimited eBook Downloads

    Pick from thousands of free ebooks.

  • Free Books

    Recycle and trade old paperbacks.

  • Book Recommendations

    Get new book recommendations free!

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“ReadingFanatic™” 6 Reviews:

  1. Mark_it_Zero says: What a great way to get free books! My days of buying cheap paperbacks are over!
  2. BookwormBen4511 says: I never thought I'd find a toolbar that would allow me to buy and sell paperbacks so easily!
  3. Roger says: If anything says Free run like your computer is on fire. Hidden in this is Adware and who knows what else. Pay a little money and try "Audible" by Amazon. Yes it will cost some money but it's less expensive than a compromised computer.
  4. Shri Ritu Dutta says: Need books for study.
  5. Rowan says: Reading Fanatic takes over your entire search engine and does not unload when you turn it off. It continues to turn itself back on regardless of user efforts to stop. This makes it malware by any definition regardless of whether it provides information or not.
  6. jason matthews says: would like email download

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